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If you're looking for writing help in Abingdon or anywhere in Oxfordshire, contact IanGenuity EPLC.
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Writing help and creative writing tuition

Ian has been an active writer since his own schooldays – not only of published instructive and educational material (including worksheets and PowerPoints, puzzles and quizzes), but of verse, drama, translated and edited memoirs, fiction and publicity. He has edited professional periodicals (SATIPS Broadsheets in RE and Modern Languages) and served on the editorial boards of national and community periodicals for several years.

Fun learning

Ian is delighted to work with students of any age on the mechanicals and/or the rich subtleties of the English language and its literature. He can also help you with comprehension and reasoning skills, vocabulary and stylistic enrichment, essay structuring and writing techniques, and indeed all those stages of drafting, grafting and crafting (from plot line to proof reading) which defines the successful creative process.
Core subjects

Informative tuition

His active experience of traditional letterpress printing gives him a knowledgeable eye for the layout and typography, besides proof reading. His current annual proofing commitments include Oxford University’s high-profile honorary degree day programme and the 100-page English Music Festival programme book which then doubles as a scholarly Festschrift within its field. He is happy to advise on wording and presentation of important academic and occasional documents in any of his working languages.
For writing classes in English language, contact IanGenuity EPLC in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.
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