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Adult literacy programmes in Abingdon, Oxfordshire

From GCSE for adults to maths for adults, IanGenuity EPLC offers a variety of learning programmes for adults. 

Other subjects such as GCSE for adults and maths for adults

Don't get lost in the world of education, we cover a vast range of subjects and disciplines giving you everything you need to pass your exams, or just expand your understanding. IanGenuity EPLC is happy to discuss and provide bespoke individual support in the following additional subject areas mentioned below.

Adult and ‘Returner’ literacy and numeracy

Nobody is ever too old to return to learning! Ian is happy to work alongside older students who are coming back to improve on skills from earlier in their lives, including those facing tests in the Forces.

Armed and Crown Forces’ entry and progression tests

This tuition covers the Army, Royal Navy, RAF, Marines, Police, Fire Service and much more. From time to time, we have happily and usefully helped individuals towards these important vocational targets, particularly people with rusty maths, comprehension or reasoning skills. Mechanical, coding and computational aptitude, concentration and psychometric tests can all be covered by arrangement.
Arts and performance

Information Technology

Ian is conversant to an everyday level with most of the standard IT packages and issues in this subject and is ever willing to learn up on others as the need arises. A good teacher should always be eager to learn.
Core subjects

Business Studies

As a small business ourselves, we need to be aware of the workings of this sphere of the world! Please contact Ian for more information.

Critical Thinking

A fairly new, specialist entrant on the academic scene, this discipline (typically part of selective 13+ or 16+ transfer into independent schools) requires more developed skills in comprehension and logic. Schematic preparation and discussion can be an enormous help when facing such a hurdle.

Media Studies

A practical offshoot from our experience in English and Drama, Ian’s track record in writing and analysing texts, and occasional forays into the broadcast* and recorded media enables him to support this subject from as interested and informed a viewpoint as any other.

(*As a reserve contestant in BBC Radio 4’s Brain of Britain in 2001, he was knocked out in the first round!)

Study Skills

We are happy to advise on study techniques including note-taking, organisation, making and use of mnemonics, question-interpretation, essay planning and writing. Our cross-curricular generalist perspective enables us to align with areas both of strength and weakness. We can switch subjects mid-session, should the need or opportunity arise and draw sometimes surprising, but memorable and helpful parallels within and between subjects (such as might well not occur to specialist teachers!)

Junior literacy and numeracy

Though most comfortable working towards or at the secondary level, Ian is experienced and patient with younger students and will gladly help them over any stumbling-blocks at these earlier stages.
Ian's extensive experience and relaxed yet informative teaching style aims to prepare all candidates in as full and friendly a manner as possible for their impending assessments.

11+ Verbal and non-verbal reasoning

In the academic arms race, senior schools are seeking to tutor-proof their selection materials. On the other hand, it remains an open secret that,
  • Pretty well every other candidate will have been prepared as far as possible 
  • While there are limits to what forms of test can suitably be set, at a certain cognitive level, be done against the clock, from or onto A4 papers that are reproduced in black-and-white
IanGenuity EPLC successfully uses both proprietary and original materials to help achieve consistently positive outcomes in this arena.
For adult literacy programmes and other educational programmes in Abingdon or anywhere in Oxfordshire, contact IanGenuity EPLC.
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