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If you want to learn French, Spanish or German, IanGenuity EPLC can help you.
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Modern foreign languages including EFL

Studying a foreign language in Abingdon, Wheatley or the surrounding areas? If you're finding it hard to get your head around the finer details, or your child is looking for extra tuition to prepare for their GCSE language exams; your first choice for expert and friendly language tuition is IanGenuity EPLC.

We offer tuition with a difference across Oxfordshire, including Abingdon and Wantage.

Learn French

This is Ian’s original Oxford degree subject in which he has half a lifetime of virtual native fluency and direct teaching experience. He co/re-wrote Oxford Open Learning’s popular IGCSE course in 2009 and is happy to help students from absolute beginner to degree level, including joint honours with other subjects (e.g. Law) and the study of canonical literature or more modern media texts.
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Learn German

Ian has A-Level German, fluent if only slightly rusty from lack of deep regular use and particularly welcomes students in this language which he loves.
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Learn Spanish

Ian gained an A* in Spanish IGCSE in 2012 after only a few months’ spare-time study, mainly from good quality CD-based courses used in the car while en-route to and from various local clients. He is happy to support fellow students at comparable stages and has colleague contacts for those seeking higher levels.
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Other languages

Meanwhile, Ian also put himself through Mandarin Chinese IGCSE in 2011 (after some further dealings with a Chinese TEFL homestay student) - also self-taught from selected materials in barely 6 months’ study and reportedly missed an A-grade by just two marks. As an experienced (mainly European) linguist, he nonetheless knows from recent experiences how it feels to be tongue-tied in a formal oral assessment!
He also has a reading knowledge of Italian (principally by way of an adjunct to his musical activities) and has studied some elementary Russian.
Latin is also supported occasionally to ISEB 13+ level. English as a foreign language deserves mention here. Ian has worked in EFL in Europe and with homestay students of a wide range of ages, from Europe to the Far East.
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IanGenuity EPLC offers comprehensive language tuition to students in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Contact us for more details.
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