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As you will now be aware, Ian is an experienced professional communicator and freelance writer through the spoken and written word. Among much else, he has been a teacher/tutor, author, quizmaster, tour leader, presenter and multi-lingual voiceover artist.
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Tailor-made tuition

He is at your disposal for individual tuition, presentations and all forms of communicative projects including international twinning, cultural, commercial and charitable initiatives. He can draft, design and deliver cogent content for websites, events, causes and occasions, both in presentable document form or as an outline script.
His broader creative output has included internationally published educational materials in a variety of subjects; educational quizzes; cultural commentary and criticism; parish and professional magazine articles, appeal brochures and sponsored walk guides; and hundreds of specialist and generalist cryptic crosswords.
If you're looking for a freelance writer in Oxfordshire, contact IanGenuity EPLC in Abingdon.
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