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Music lessons by an experienced music teacher in Abingdon

Ian is an experienced piano teacher and a professional music teacher based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. 
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Music lessons

As a lifelong active musician, Ian currently directs a village parish choir and two community choirs (the Albert Park Singers, ‘Singing for Pleasure’, and Abingdon Gospel Choir), he was defacto lead répétiteur and occasional pit-pianist for Abingdon Operatic Society on 30 shows over an unbroken 15 years, and currently accompanies Wantage Choral Society and Didcot Festival Chorus.
As the Musical Director of Oxford’s Welsh Male Choir he conducted massed singers in a packed Sheldonian Theatre, and later led combined choirs in his own arrangement of Abide with Me in the presence of the Archbishop of Canterbury at Dorchester Abbey. His ‘Parish Proms’ at All Saints’, Sutton Courtenay (where he has been organist/choirmaster since 2008) include four varied chamber concerts each summer, and he has recently become active in administration, (printed) programme content coordination and front-of-house for the widely respected annual English Music Festivals at Dorchester.
He has played the organ in British cathedrals and on one occasion for royalty, gave a recital in New Zealand in February 2014, and has for 20 years been ‘resident compiler’ of specialist cryptic crosswords to the international quarterly Organists’ Review.
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Music tuition

Ian gives instrumental lessons in piano / keyboard and organ, also in singing and theory. His wide range of chamber, church and stage music experience makes him much in demand for occasional accompaniment at weddings and funerals as well as other ceremonies, entertainments and formal and social gatherings, for which he has his own professional-grade stage piano as needed. He is happy to consult on choice of atmospheric incidental music which could so easily make (or mar) such special events.
Since 2002 he has given over 200 hour-long musical presentations at a local retirement home, mixing live and recorded repertoire on a vast range of topics including composers, countries and periods, ‘Animals (and other themes, e.g. The Olympics or the Periodic Table) in Music’, etc.
A fluent and sensitive accompanist, while working with individual vocalists and groups he is also able to advise on lyric phonetics in most of the mainstream foreign languages. He is experienced in school and community drama (two scripts of his own having been produced) and has a good eye for art, another subject in which he has provided occasional individual academic support.
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To get in touch with our professional piano teacher in Oxfordshire, contact IanGenuity EPLC in Abingdon.
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